Commercial Insurance

General Liability – A category of insurance which includes most of a  business’s liability exposures. Exposures covered include premises and  operations, products and completed operations, contractual liability,  and contingent liability.

Professional Liability – Coverage for specialists in various  professional fields. Since basic liability policies do not protect  against situations arising out of business or professional pursuits,  professional liability insurance is purchased by individuals who hold  themselves out to the general public as having greater than average  expertise in particular areas.

Commercial Vehicle – Commercial auto insurance is a vehicle insurance policy that provides financial protection for a business’ vehicles and its drivers. Employees involved in on-the-job collisions will receive coverage for medical injuries as well, regardless of fault.

Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) – This is an insurance policy that is  designed specifically for small businesses that are just beginning and  may need a few types of insurance bundled together. This package is  meant for “low risk” businesses that do not run the risk of serious  accident or disasters.

– General liability insurance can be very important, especially  for certain types of businesses. Essentially, this insurance protects  business owners from lawsuits that may be filed against the business.

– The second type of insurance most commonly included in a BOP  is property insurance. This protects large assets of the business in  case they become damaged or stolen.

There are two other coverages that can be bundled into a BOP.

– Professional liability insurance covers businesses from lawsuits that  seek damages for mistakes or negligence that has cost another business  money.

– Workers compensation helps protect the business by providing medical and disability coverage for employees

Builders Risk – This policy is a form of property insurance that  covers property owners and builders for projects under construction.  It is an “all risk coverage,” meaning that it protects you from events  such as vandalism, accidental losses and damages to the property.  Because of the enormous risk of some jobs, many lenders require that  this coverage be purchased before they will approve a loan for the  project.

Errors & Omissions – Errors and omissions insurance protects  businesses and individuals from claims and lawsuits arising from  failure to perform contracted work. It also covers mistakes made in  the course of doing business. Business errors and omissions coverage  typically covers all employees of a company, including salaried  employees and independent contractors.